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I am a licensed cosmologist with over 18 years of experience; I have worked with diverse groups of people from all ethnicities. I started out doing hair as a hobby in my teenage years offering services to various family members and friends. Soon after high school I decided to go to cosmetology school and turned my art into a career, working as a commission stylist, booth renter and eventually starting my own business. Vintage Hair Salon was established in 2018; my vision was to help upcoming stylists coming out of cosmetology school build their clientele. 
During the start-up of my business, I was diagnosed with stage-one breast cancer and loss my hair due to chemotherapy treatments. I never got discouraged and continued to take the business to a new level by customizing wigs with a realistic look and launching Vintage Wig Collection. This collection was my way to help other people with hair loss or anyone else who wanted a flawless wig.
Vintage Hair Salon is modern with class. As a professional stylist I come to work excited to help my clients realize the best vision of their personal style. My number one goal is excellent customer service and making sure HAIR IS SUITABLE FOR YOU!


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